Frequently Asked Questions


What are the funding sources for construction projects at UNC Asheville?

The Owen Hall and Carmichael Hall renovations are funded by the Connect NC Bond and will not affect tuition.

The Highsmith Union renovations were funded through the student debt service fee approved by the on-campus Fee Committee, and the student residences were funded through room charges that have been market tested. State appropriations cannot be used to renovate or construct student unions or residence halls, so funding must come directly from student fees. Both projects were approved by the UNC Asheville Board of Trustees, the UNC System Board of Governors, and the North Carolina General Assembly.

How does UNC Asheville’s core value of sustainability affect construction projects?

UNC Asheville strives to achieve LEED® standards on construction projects, and the goal for the new residence halls is to be LEED-certified Silver.

UNC Asheville also follows the model of green infrastructure with our storm water management systems. Storm water collection is integrated into the landscape. There are multiple storm water management strategies on the residence halls site including rain gardens, rainwater collection cisterns, and regenerative storm water conveyance systems. All these storm water management structures allow groundwater re-charge, removal of pollutants, and reduction of erosion and sediment.

What materials are being used to construct the buildings? Will they match other buildings on campus?

Both the Highsmith Union renovation project and the new residence halls are designed to complement the existing architecture on campus. You will notice proportions, details, and building materials similar to other buildings on campus. Building materials, such as brick and glazing systems, have been designed and selected to coordinate with the existing architecture.

Will loading areas behind Highsmith Union remain the same?

As part of the Highsmith Renovation project, a new improved loading dock facility has been constructed below the multi-purpose room addition (the Blue Ridge Room). Once the project is complete, most deliveries will be made via Founders Drive.