Contact Information

Customer Service provides the constant connection between the campus community and all departments within Facilities Management. The community can be in contact with Facilities at all times during office hours through this small but dynamic department. In addition to receiving emergency and immediate need calls, Customer Service serves as a conduit of information and communication from facilities to the campus community.

Emergency Services are those that need immediate attention, that a wait to repair would cause damage or cause conditions that are unsafe for members of the campus community.

An essential aspect of Customer Service responsibility is the administration of  the Facilities Management Work Order System.  This system assures an organized method of receiving, scheduling, and completing work required by the campus community.  In addition, managers of each division within Facilities Management utilize the work order system to schedule and properly complete all preventative maintenance activities.

For Immediate Attention

  • Call Customer Service: 828.251.6564 between 7 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday
  • All other hours call University Police at 828.251.6710. Campus Police will contact Facilities Management personnel.