Scope of Services

Door Repairs, Keys, Locks

Please report issues with doors, including broken glass, malfunction of automatic door opener, problems with key or lock.

  • For new or replacement keys, submit a Key Request Form (see Forms page). Each Key Request sheet contains 3 separate forms.  One key per request sheet.  Each key needs to be assigned to a specific university employee and approved by departmental head.  Requests for departmental master keys or buliding exterior keys also need Provost/AVC approval.
  • Report a Problem (see Forms page)
  • For immediate assistance call Customer service 828.251.6564.

Electrical Problems, Power Outages and Lighting

If you are experiencing a loss of electrical power please call Customer Service at 828.251.6564 during normal business hours or call Campus Police at 828.251.6710 after hours. Planned outages will always be preceded by a campus-wide announcement via email.

Housekeeping routinely changes light bulbs that can be reached with a six foot ladder. Electricians change light bulbs which Housekeeping are unable to reach. Malfunctioning light fixtures or electrical devices are repaired by electricians.

  • Power Outages (normal business hours): call Customer Service at 828.251.6564
  • Power Outages (after hours): call Campus Police at 828.251.6710
  • Report a Problem (see Forms page)
  • Request new Outlets or additional services (see Forms page)


All elevators are outfitted with call boxes which can be used by elevator passengers to notify University Police if the elevator car fails to function properly.  Facilities Electricians will respond immediately to elevator problems during normal business hours. After hours response will be performed by University Police in conjunction with Facilities Management personnel and/or the elevator service contractor.  A licensed elevator service contractor is responsible for regular maintenance all elevators on campus. All elevators are inspected annually by the State of North Carolina.

  • Customer Service: 828.251.6564 (during normal work hours)
  • University Police: 828.251.6710 (after normal work hours)


The Special Services Department provides tables, chairs, tents and other supplies for events on campus.

  • Request Event Support (see Forms page)

Fire Alarms and Sprinklers

All fire alarm panels are checked daily by Second Shift Maintenance Mechanics and tested and inspected by a licensed fire alarm contractor. All fire suppression systems (a.k.a. sprinklers) are tested and inspected by a licensed service contractor.

  • University Police at 828.251.6710

Furniture Repair

Facilities Management can assist with problems with classroom, auditorium seating, lobby or lounge furnishings.

  • Report a Problem (see Forms page)

Hazardous Waste

Wastes that may be hazardous are regulated by the Environmental Health and Safety office. Hazardous waste pick up is coordinated by the Health and Safety Office.

Housekeeping and Cleaning

Routine housekeeping services include daily restroom cleaning, vacuuming carpets, changing lightbulbs, and mopping floors.

  • Report a Problem (such as empty tissue or paper towel dispensers, spills, etc.) – see Forms page

Mail Services

Routine mail services include daily pick up and delivery of letters and packages. If a department is planning to do a bulk mailing, please contact Mail Services prior to the actual mailing.

Any mail preprinted with “Non-Profit Permit 31” you must contact Mail Services for proper postage to be applied prior to mailing.

Motor Pool

To reserve motor pool vehicles contact the Transportation Office.

Moving Services

Moving or rearranging office furnishings is provided by the Special Services Department.


All interior and exterior painting of university property is the responsibility of Facilities Management.

  • Request for Service (see Forms page)

Paper Orders

Facilities Stores supplies dual-purpose paper to campus departments for their printers. Paper orders for Copy Center copiers/printers must be made through the Copy Center. In keeping with UNC Asheville’s sustainability efforts, please always request recycled paper.

  • Request for Paper (see Forms page)

Pest Control

Control of all interior pests as well as some exterior pests is contracted to a professional pest control company.

  • Report a problem (see Forms page)

Plumbing Problems and Leaks

  • To report a minor leak, Report a Problem (see Forms page)
  • To report a leak that needs immediate response call 828.251.6564 (during normal business hours)
  • To report a leak that needs immediate response call University Police at 828.251.6710 (after hours)
  • Request for Service to have any special plumbing work performed (such as connection of lab equipment or devices) – see Forms page


Request a desk-side recycling container or a large recycling container for office file purge.

  • Request Recycling Services (see Forms page)

Renovation Requests

If you have a need for renovation or alteration of a building on campus, please review Policy 33, Internal Building and External Structural Modifications and Policy 85, Allocation of Academic Space. Associated forms are attached to these policies pages.

Roadways/Parking Lots

To report maintenance issues with campus roads or parking lots, please use the Report a Problem form (see Forms page).


To report damage or other issues submit a Report a Problem form (see Forms page). Sidewalks in need of repair or replacement are funded through the Repair and Renovation Fund.


Regulatory signs are installed by the Special Services.

Snow/Ice Removal

To report a dangerous area of ice or snow call Customer Service at 828.251.6564

Surplus Property

All equipment and furnishings owned by the state of North Carolina is tracked by the State Surplus Office.  If you have items that are to be moved or that are no longer needed, please submit an Equipment Transfer form. For items that are no longer usable, please submit a UNC Asheville Property Disposal form. Also please submit a Request for Service to have the item moved or surplused. See the Forms page for all forms.


The Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Department is responsible for comfort levels in all campus buildings.  The thermostat in your office or classroom can adjust the temperature 2-3 degrees in either direction.

  • Report a Problem (see Forms page)


Housekeeping collects trash inside all academic buildings on campus. Grounds personnel collect trash from exterior receptacles.

  • Report a Problem (see Forms page)

Window Repair

  • Report a problem (see Forms page)